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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  February 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i like that. stay with us for "good morning america." god bless america, everybody. have a great frida captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. clad if i still have a lot of questions that i would like to find out. >> and has been struggling for answers into what led a culpeper police officer to shoot and kill his wife. it is an interview you only see an abc 7. it is friday february 10. >> i am cynne simpson. we begin with a traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, adam caskey. >> not a bad day. it is a few degrees warmer than yesterday. today will be closer to 50 degrees. tonight he will have a light wintery mix and even some snow
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northwest of town. did not excel much in terms of accumulations. it is 37 degrees downtown. a cool 20 degrees in martinsburg. on our way to near 50 this afternoon. a little bit of sunshine. it is becoming rather cloudy. some areas of light rain in the metro area. we are changing over to a light one jury makes. it points westward pureed you could get up to about an inch from that system. some gusty winds over the weekend. highs in mid-30. that is your forecasts. what about the traffic? >> we had a stalled car. that has been taking care of.
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they are still working if you're heading into the traffic. the beltway looks good right now at river road. no problems to report. a stalled car at the beltway gone. that is outside. and looks great. we are live in springfield. >> thank you only on seven, we're hearing from the has been from the woman who was shot and killed by a police officer. >> mladic questions and to what led into the shooting. >> she poses with her husband for the church directory photo. it will be the last one she takes. >> it is difficult. >> husband it choked back tears as he tried to piece together the final moments. >> police drove up.
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from there it escalated. she was shot. she was shot at the cap excl parking lot. an officer arrived in he said there was an altercation. what happened next is still unclear. the officers fired by different stocks and to the point blank range. she died on the scene. like she was on arms. the biggest thing she had on her was a curse. he said his wife was a retired cosmetologists. she spent her time making crafts for sunday school class as. neighbors are and disbelief. >> she is always been very nice. i do not know what to say. i and is really shocked. >> i still have a lot of questions that i would like to find out what is going on. >> police are the ones investigating that shooting.
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the officer has been placed on routine administrative leave. we're told he is a five-year veteran of the culpeper police departments. abc 7 news. >> thank you. the alexander fire department is warning the loss of one of the paramedics. he died yesterday afternoon. this was less than 24 hours after falling 20-30 feet on i- 95. he was racing to a car fire when he jumped a guard rail and fell after a 3 foot wide the gap down into the creek. >> he spent a lot of time on those freeways. this area had a very difficult configuration. as we learn more, we will certainly share it. >> he was 33 years old. tv's behind a wife. the road is now draped in black. his coat and helmets are on display. >> we learned more on the history of violence as 20 former
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lacrosse player and the ex- girlfriend he is accused of killing. a romantic rival of one of george huguely's teammate testify about how they saw huguely tried to choke yeardley love in 2010. it's a place before she was found dead. police officers testified about what they saw the murder scene. >> a man accused of murdering an honor student. he was shot -- she was shot and killed. he accidentally bumped a 20 year old walking down the street. he confronted him and then fatally shot him. he could face life in prison. >> a campaign returns to d.c. today. that is what republican candidates will make. mitt romney, newt gingrich, and santorum will address the political action conference at the hotel in northwest.
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this morning romney will speak to the northern virginia technology council. you can stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage of the republican presidential race. we will have the results of the caucuses as we wake up tomorrow. >> just any thought it could not get bigger, apple overshadows the google and microsoft. >> the police postal service details. >> let's begin with the u.s. postal service. they cannot get a break. they're continuing to lose money. in the last quarter they lost more than $3 billion. to keep the mines that is usually its strongest with heavy volumes for people sitting out holiday gifts in christmas cards. this ninth quarter of losses they put pressure on congress to put legislation to continue it to solvency. in terms of market cap in 2011
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got smaller and apple past exxon mobil. last night, the valuation is now worth almost $460 billion. according to bloomberg, apple is now worth more than google and microsoft combined. we have a new survey that says president of alexandria are not as romantic as those in knoxville, tenn.. google has plans for the home entertainment business. those coming up in the next hour. that is business news like that headquarters. >> thank you. it is 33 degrees. >> still to come, new developments in the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. what jerry sandusky is requesting for a judge him why they are asking for the opposite. >> another check of traffic and weather every 10 minutes. things are moving smoothly.
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>> friday morning. we are here in the you furniture weather center. we have a winter a mix. it no big deal. nothing to worry about. we are not expecting any accumulation around the majority of our region. you can see of to an inch of light snow by early tomorrow morning. that seems to be in it.
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no big deal. 36 and the district. cooler in winchester. cumberland at freezing point. a rather mild day. to mergers restaurant low 50 degrees. there is some rain development. some light areas of rain at transitioning into a mix of rain and snow. hi samara near the 40's. what do have on the traffic? >> i cannot wait for my turn. i do not have much to say. the overnight construction is gone. these of be back after 9:00. we're get on the beltway to and from the wilson bridge. no complications to reports on the topside of town. we will give you normal travel
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times right now. here are in the beltway. that is good. stick around. >> thank you very much. it is 33 degrees. >> that was a frightening experience for a local teenager as she walked to her bus stop. police need your help finding a man accused of sexually assaulting her. >> breaking down more barriers in the u.s. military. more on the new rules that
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>> a man convicted of first- degree felony murder will be sentenced today. he was convicted of the 2009 murder of leeland hunt. they say they shot him and install items from his apartment. he could face two consecutive life terms in prison. investigators need help finding the man who sexually assaulting a teenage girl. it happened early wednesday morning. the 15 year-old girl told police she is walking to a bus stop when a man followed her and touched her inappropriately. the girl got away. she told police she saw him hiding in a published before. >> m&m county teachers out of a job and facing serious charges after alleging having a sexual
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relationship with a student. ashley campbell taught kindergarten. she is a relationship with a now 16 year old male students from the fall of 2010 until last month. officials received an anonymous e-mail about the alleged affair and contacted police. >> it is happening everywhere. just because it is considered a christian school, it does not mean these people are not going to be there. >> campbell had already left the school and it to pennsylvania. she bailed out of jail yesterday. she faces child abuse and sexual abuse charges. >> we expect more details. jerry sandusky ask a judge to relax its restrictions. prosecutors will ask for the opposite. >> former penn state assistant jerry sandusky is trying to change the conditions of his
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bail. he has been on house arrest since december on charges he sexually assaulted young boys. his attorney filed a motion asking them to be allowed to see his grandchildren. prosecutors then father on motion asking a judge to keep them indoors. neighbors have complained that he has been watching children play at the school behind his house. >> i have seen jerry sandusky on his back porch on several occasions. why my children and other children have been outside yes several occasions. like he says his client is not doing anything wrong. >> he is in the confines of what the conditions are. he is permitted to be out on his porch. he has taken great pains to avoid being out. >> sandusky is expected to appear at today's court hearing along with permission to see his
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grandchildren. also ask to have is an adult friend visit and to be able to travel outside his home to meet his attorney. >> new orders and the pentagon concern e-mail -- women in the military. it formally opened thousands of jobs to women in unit closer to the frontlines and ever before. women will still be banned from serving in infantry, armor a special operation forces. they're being sent to congress now. >> the washington nationals will mark the unofficial start to the 2012 baseball season. they felt that more than 30 pounds of equipment. it'll make the 800 mile trek to the stadium. this is where the spring training is. lebron james was out last night. he was running the best spirit
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the cameras caught him leaving dinner in georgetown. the heat will play the windsors tonight. >> it is a lot of a surviving. >> its is 33 degrees. >> the prices of some foods are on the rise. why does one cupcake cost $55,000. you have the answer coming up. >> another check on
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♪ >> we are back it is time to look at traffic and weather. >> we have a of look at the forecast. >> hi tortures' right near 50 degrees. there -- high temperatures are right near 50 degrees. only 30 degrees. it is 33 in the district. it is cloudy by midday and afternoon. some rain showers will develop. it will change into a winter rate makes. no accumulation expected. by early tomorrow morning he could have up to an inch of snow. that includes martinsburg, of frederick, carroll county,
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hancock, maryland. you allare all included. breezy. it is gusty into sunday as well. it is becoming much colder for the upcoming weekend. >> i am just envisioning you and your son running around with a few snow drops. we are running around the beltway. there's not much really to describe. i'm going to give everyone the green light. and looks good in and out of town. the pentagon is also a good clean trip. >> we will keep our eye on it. >> you could say that chicago world of the world carpet. >> we're talking about oscar of the golden statuette.
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he was escorting 42 oscars back to headquarters in beverly hills. airline employees posed with those on the street. it is the first time these that gillette had flown commercially. it is clearly a sign of these financial times that oscars stop flying private spirit >>. >> if you're really trying to splurge, get your special someone a carrot cake. >> not a lot of people well. we're not talking about the standard desert. we're talking about this red velvet cupcake withwhich comes complete within a carat diamond ring. it is being sold in pennsylvania. the cost is only $55,000. >> wanted to do a statement piece where people would say i cannot believe this is a $55,000 beautiful ring. >> not to mention a cupcake.
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if you're hoping to snag it, you are in luck. it is available to order year round. it is these financial times. >> still to come, prepared to pay more if you want to grab a cab around d.c. a new
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>> coming up, and has been trying to come to terms with a shocking news of his wife's death. sure shot and killed by a culpeper police officer. >> b. alexander a fire department remembering this. the event that is bringing some of the republican presidential candidates to d.c. the morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >>live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> rise and shine. it is friday february 10. we start to a traffic and weather every 10 minutes. it cracks today not a bad day. we have some sunshine this morning. it is becoming cloudy with tied to mitscher's near 50 degrees.
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-- with temperatures near 50 degrees. 30 degrees in arlington. washington virginia 26 degrees. below freezing in most locations across our region. reagan national is up 37 degrees. we have an increase of clout. highs near 50's. areas of light rain developing later this evening. we're not expecting any accumulation of around the beltway. marten's fur hagerstown, a frederick cumberland, a conceit of to an inch of snow by early tomorrow -- you can see up to an inch of snow by early tomorrow. the big headlines will be the gusty winds and colder temperatures. that is it for the forecast. what do you have right now? >> i am thrilled about that. we have a lot of overnight
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